Our Story

We grew up in the beautiful surroundings of Perth and the southwest of WA, enjoying its pristine beaches, crisp air and blue skies. Unfortunately pollution has created many changes in this stunning natural environment over our lifetimes, and it has become increasingly important to us to try and do our bit to reverse this trend.

At Carton & Co, we believe that in an ideal world, no one would need to buy packaged water. However, in our busy lives, some days we can barely manage to get out of the house with our shirts on the right way out, never mind find and fill up everyone’s water bottles. As plenty of water is a daily essential for our own and our families’ health, sometimes we just need to buy it.

Having come across a similar boxed water while travelling, we felt it was a great, more sustainable product that Australia just had to have, so with family and friends we founded Carton & Co.  Carton & Co is the 100% Australian owned bottled water alternative.

Carton & Co has given us a genuine opportunity to give back to our community and the environment: starting a local business to give ourselves and others work-life balance, and reducing plastic bottle waste as much as we can by providing an alternative largely made from natural, renewable resources. 

It’s just one small step towards a more sustainable future. And our hope is that, as we grow, we’ll be able to help other sustainability and community projects grow with us.

Cindy Tonkin
Carton & Co. Founder