Why Carton & Co?

Carton & Co Water started with a passion for better outcomes. Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans and polluting our bodies, our waterways and our lands. We see plastic water bottle usage to be a huge issue and wanted to do our bit to transition to a more sustainable future.  Cartons are a natural choice for water.

Is your water imported?

No, it's not. We buy from an Australian company, the cartons are sourced from Europe, shipped to us flat-packed and take up minimal room in transport. Then we form, fill and seal them full of pure water right here in Perth. A major cause of carbon emissions is importing fully bottled water from overseas. Filled containers take up a huge amount of space and we believe it is completely unnecessary to import water into Australia.

Why do you call it environmentally friendly?

We believe that using natural, sustainably managed and renewable resources is the most environmentally friendly way to address issue of over consumption of bottled water.  By using natural materials, we create a link between the consumption and the raw materials used in production.  We believe plastic breaks this natural relationship and works against our goal which is:  Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

Isn’t it be better to use a refillable container?

Yes, we love refillables and they should definitely be used when possible. However, there are times when people don’t have access to refillables and water stations and it’s for those times that we created Carton & Co Water.

Is the cap plastic?

Yes it is. Our cartons are the most sustainable packaging we could find on the market that were also able to be resealed. The majority of our carton is made from FSC-certified, renewable paperboard which is a huge step forward compared to the alternatives.

Where is the water sourced from?

Using readily available source water keeps our carbon footprint low. We take regular mains water and purify it to remove the ‘undesirables’ like iron, salts and fluoride. Our triple filters of carbon, reverse osmosis and UV are used in multi-stage process to ensure that the end product is a lighter, great tasting water.

Where to from here?

We want to get Carton & Co Water stocked in as many places as we can so that people have an alternative to buying plastic water bottles. Our cartons can be used to meet plastic waste reduction targets and sustainability targets. If you would like to stock Carton & Co Water please send us an enquiry or ask your local store to stock our cartons.